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China Brown Fused Alumina- BFA manufacturers

Aug 28th, 2023 at 01:53   Fashion   Ahmedabad   37 views Reference: 5725

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China Brown Fused Alumina- BFA manufacturers Brown fused alumina - BFA usually has three kinds of crushed ways, they are Roll milling, Ball milling and Barmac. Roller milling: grits are angular, sharp; Ball milling: grits are roundness, with high bulk density, durable; Barmac: grits are more roundness, higher bulk density, more durable, so Barmac production cost and selling price is high too. Brown fused alumina oxide product has the characteristics of high hardness, high purity, impact resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, no pulverization, no bursting, and stable chemical properties. They are important raw materials in the refractory industry and are widely used in iron trench castables, refractory ramming materials, aggregates for filling castables, and high-quality raw materials for shrouds, slides, ladles and various corundum products. It has high strength, excellent thermal conductivity and good oxidation resistance, and does not deform at high temperatures.It is generally used as aggregate and fine powder in refractory materials. Its advantages are high refractoriness, wear resistance, erosion resistance, erosion resistance, high bulk density, and high alumina content. It is mainly used for high alumina series and alumina Tie. When making products, it also has a high load softening temperature and high temperature volume stability, but the impurities of brown aluminum oxide determine the life of the product during use. Since the impurities have not been completely removed during smelting, brown corundum also contains secondary crystal phases such as calcium hexaaluminate, calcium plagioclase, spinel, rutile, glass phase, iron alloy and solid solution. In a large sense, the smelting process and smelting time of brown corundum determine its product performance and quality. The industrial use of secondary refining and smelting technology can effectively solve the powder explosion phenomenon of brown corundum in the use of refractory materials. It is not only suitable for general castables, low-temperature baked products, but also high-temperature sintered corundum bricks, breathable bricks and other products that fully meet the stability of the product. When Brown fused alumina oxide is used in refractory materials, it has high requirements for hardness and high temperature resistance, so when choosing, you must pay attention to the quality of the product, because only high-quality products can play a better role. Refractories sizes: 0-1mm, 1-3mm, 3-5mm, 200mesh, 325mesh, etc Applications: Refractory bricks, Kiln furniture, Metallurgy Sieve standard: GB/FEPA/JIS/ANSI Brown fused alumina data sheet: (Typical size 0-1mm) Al2O3 (%)Fe2O3 (%)SiO2 (%)TiO2 (%) 95.680.071.752.44China Brown Fused Alumina- BFA manufacturers website:http://www.mayjoy-abrasives.com/brown-fused-alumina-bfa/